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AES Offers Factory-certified U-LINE Appliance Repair Services

Appliance Electrical Services is proud to announce that it is a factory-certified as a U-Line appliance repair service provider.   For over five decades and through three generations, U-Line has enjoyed a reputation as a leader in innovation, quality and value in the premium built-in under-counter ice making, refrigeration and wine preservation market. U-Line has captivated those with an appreciation for the finer things with exceptional functionality, style, inspired innovation and attention to even the smallest details. The brand is known and respected for our unwavering dedication to product design, quality and selection.

Southern Californians enjoy outdoor entertaining which mean more and more homes and marine vessels are incorporating U-LINE refrigeration appliances.  In order to serve and increased deman in Los Angeles homes and vessels, AES has added U-LINE dedicated staff, expert in installation, troubleshooting, repair and general maintenance of the entire U-LINE product line.

AES services the following U-LINE appliances:

  • U-LINE Refrigerators
  • U-LINE Wine Coolers
  • U-LINE Freezers
  • U-LINE Ice Makers

No matter which of the U-LINE refrigeration appliances you may own, AES is Southern California’s premiere U-LINE appliance repair team.  When U-LINE announces a brand innovation, AES technicians hop onto the opportunity to training and earn a new certification.

In addition to the U-LINE refrigeration appliances, AES technicians are masters of appliance repair, with a number of electrical and mechanical engineers in the ranks of the company’s current technicians.  As a result, not only do Southern California homeowners get expert U-LINE appliance service, but, appliance repair technicians who understand the principals of manufacture behind this great brand.

AES is U-LINE certified in the products complete line appliances and offers a 100% guaranteed with best-in-industry warranties on parts and labor.

New U-LINE refrigeration appliance?  A good start makes great sense all around which is why AES is the best choice when installing, maintaining or repairing your U-LINE refrigeration appliances.   

U-LINE appliance need repair? AES stocks U-LINE-approved – or factory original – parts on each company service vehicle.  With the appropriate parts already on our trucks, appliance repair turnaround time is minimized. 

The 1000 Series line comprises U-Line’s core product offering, based on over forty years of innovations, design patents, and world firsts. Now with an even higher level of styling, features, and technology, it is the most diverse line in the industry. The 1000 Series product line boasts five different size products with multiple models – Ice Makers, Combo® models, Refrigerators and Wine Captain® Models. 1000 Series products feature commercial lines, touch pad digital controls, and elegant interior spaces.

The 2000 Series line features U-Line Corporation’s Best-In-Class product line. These are the most innovative, highly featured refrigeration and ice making products in the built-in under-counter appliance industry. Pristine lines, thoughtfully integrated handles, Touch Glass Digital Technology, and spacious interiors make a statement never before seen in the industry. Designed for the ultimate in performance, these unique models reduce noise by as much as 50%, provide refrigeration capabilities that surpass industry standards and offer low energy usage that exceeds industry and Department of Energy benchmarks.

Preventative maintenance.   Take steps maintain your top-of-the-line U-LINE refrigeration appliances rather than wait for something to go wrong.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, they say. AES expert appliance repair technicians can also instruct you on how to best use and maintain your appliances.

Same day service.   AES offers same-day service, in most areas.  AES also stocks factory-originating replacement parts.  In the rare instance AES might not have a special part,  we can typically have it delivered within 24 hours. 

Want more information? Watch U-LINE on YouTube:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohhm-Y0uQ4c

You may follow this link to determine for additional U-LINE recall information: http://search.cpsc.gov

AES offers a 24/7 appliance repair hotline for emergencies, or to schedule an appointment during working hours you can reach the AES main office at the company’s toll free number: 800 520 7059 or click here make a request online.